Pioneer Launch access to Menopause Support

14/12/23 | News

Our newly launched Menopause Policy empowers our staff to self-refer to The Birmingham Menopause Clinic, for Pioneer funded specialist advice. We began with a recent webinar for staff presented by Dr Jacqueline Radley; the aim was to develop staff knowledge and understanding of Menopause and promote awareness of this new staff benefit.

“Pioneer recognises that for some, the Menopause is not always an easy transition. We are committed to supporting our staff through our association with Dr Jacqueline Radley at the Birmingham Menopause Clinic. As Menopause lead, this is a great resource to offer to our team; we are already seeing individuals benefit.”  
– Sue D’Ancey, Chief Operating Officer

An estimated 13 million people are currently perimenopausal or menopausal in the UK – that’s around a third of the entire UK female population, and the vast majority of whom are currently working (80%). Despite its widespread impact, Menopause still battles societal stigma and lack of awareness, leaving many women to navigate these changes silently and without adequate support.

Menopausal symptoms are wide ranging and vary from person to person; there are many ways to manage them, from lifestyle changes to hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Pioneer recognised the need for awareness, around the impacts of the Menopause, treatment options and adjustments within the workplace. We are proud to offer this support to our staff within Pioneer.

(Menopause figures from the NHS Menopause in the workplace overview)