Core values are an essential way to align the goals of everyone working in healthcare. These values underpin so much of what we do, from small day-to-day decisions to big-picture strategic decisions. Pioneer is growing rapidly, across multiple services in many locations in the UK and abroad so having core values as a team are paramount going forward. The development of a collaborative set of strong organisational values can support Pioneer as we grow and develop so that we always keep the same goals and aspirations for our patients. Co-producing these values with Pioneer staff and patients is integral.

In March, Executive Nurse Director Professor Jenni MacDonald, led an interactive session bringing together patients, partners, and Pioneer team members to craft a set of core organisational values. This session was built upon a first stage comprising of a survey of Pioneer staff and patients, looking at how staff, patients and partners see and value the service Pioneer provides.

Jenni Macdonald

Using an interactive, co-production methodology, the group reviewed, developed and ultimately consolidated this work into a shared set of values ready to develop into guiding principles for the organisation. Pioneer’s core values were agreed as:

  1. Patients First
  2. Excellence
  3. Communication
  4. Staff Development
  5. Research

The next step of this process is to detail the values into an infographic and embed it into Pioneer policies, procedures, documentation, and processes.

This initiative is more than just a workshop or a set of words; it’s a bold step towards uniting Pioneer’s teams across various locations and services under a common banner of values. These co-produced organisational values will guide every member of Pioneer, helping staff and stakeholders stay aligned with our goals and aspirations. By embedding these values into the fabric of Pioneer operations, we are not just setting a standard; we are inspiring a movement towards a more inclusive, patient-centred healthcare future. 

The Pioneer Board would like to thank all the Patient Advisors and Pioneer Partners that attended the event to help shape our values. A further thank you to Lymphoedema Consultant, Aaron Knowles and Executive Assistant Georgina Sutherland for their support in organising this important event.