Pioneer Wound Healing and Lymphedema Centres, an Independent Provider of NHS services, has partnered with University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust (UHL) to use virtual wards to help prevent and treat Pressure Ulcers. Every year in November, across the globe Health and Social care colleagues come together to share knowledge and raise awareness of this issue.

This Stop the Pressure Week, we’re pleased to showcase the work we have been doing and share University Hospitals of Leicester’s story of creating a virtual ward whilst increasing the tissue viability capacity.

Sue Burton, Deputy Chief Nurse at UHL has been at the forefront in developing this innovative solution for supporting patients to prevent harm in hospital and also expediting healing for pressure ulcers and continence related skin damage.

Sue Burton “We are really excited to be working together to reduce patient harms. This new way of working has supported our Ward nurses and our specialist teams with the expertise from the Pioneer tissue viability nurse consultants to help to assess and plan care and give the specialist advice and support to promote excellent patient care”.

The video, produced in collaboration with Pioneer, serves as a testament to the Trusts commitment to Harm Free Care, from Board to Ward. It highlights their dedication to improving patient outcomes and quality of life through the use of virtual wards, an advanced approach to care that enables healthcare professionals to monitor and treat patients remotely.

Pioneers dedicated team of Tissue Viability Nurse Consultants work remotely from across the UK, to provide prevention and treatment plans that are then implemented by nurses at UHL. This direct support for the ward nurses has been welcomed”.

Becky Brennan, UHL Matron for Oncology “Pioneer have been really responsive to referrals that have been made. Patients are reviewed within 24 hours and a plan of care and advice is documented on Nerve Centre (EPR) for the ward nursing team to implement.

Before the ward became a Pioneer ward, there was an increase of pressure damage, causing harm to our already vulnerable patients. Being a Pioneer ward has had a positive impact and I do believe it has reduced our amount of pressure damage”.

Pioneer’s partnership with the University Hospitals of Leicester underscores a shared commitment to advancing healthcare practices and improving patient outcomes. The video showcases this groundbreaking approach, offering inspiration to other healthcare institutions worldwide.

Commenting on the collaboration, Professor Jenni MacDonald, Executive Nurse Director at Pioneer, said, “We are proud to have partnered with the University Hospitals of Leicester in creating virtual wards. A forward-thinking Trust, determined to impact patient outcomes – their decision to innovate with us has been the highlight of my year”.